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Art Residency In Koresh Art Space, Jerusalem, Israel

June - August 2019


For a month, I will be staying at the gallery Koresh14 and document the city of Jerusalem with the people living here.

At the time I stay here I will be recording myself in this blog to inform the process and the outcomes of my preformance experiences. Which is going to take place in the gallery during the next month.

My main motive is to create performance and installation works for connecting with individuals to search different perspectives of self observation.

I aim to be a witness to emotional responses through sensory, evocative and aesthetic experiences with the participants.

I will be doing 3 performances in Thursdays;

25.07 A Part of Us,

01.08 Halva With Love,

and 08.08 Blocked Communication.

At the opening event, at 25th July, I will present my work and invite people to take part in it.

My first performance ‘A Part of Us’ focuses around creating a personal observation between artwork and participators.

I will be revealing a fact about every individual's common ground by asking a question.

A question that can lead to an inner observation that might bring us closer to each other.

Thank you


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