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Experience of 'a part of Us'

The first time I made my work realised, at the moment the action had the consequences I felt insecure of my intentions. I had courage but not trust in myself. As people's action of participating increased I observed their existence emerging with mine in every person. In the end I had the ability to concentrate on this emergence rather than trying to remember what to say. I could be there with them more.

Some left whenever it finishes, some sit in front of me with wanting to share more.

One person stopped, looked me in the eyes after watching the burning paper together.

One person knew 3 languages; arabic, hebrew and english, couldn't find the right word to describe it with words started to scribble. She was free and she felted that she can be. When she finished, I asked her where she wants me to put it as I ask to everyone in case they want a special existence in the installation, she crambled the paper and chose to put it in the corner of the wall. Sounds simple but it has it's own strong trust on being free.

One person wrote "nothing".

Every time I was absorbing a complete different person, I could see mostly differencies than similarities but everyone is so unique that it takes all my attention to the person I can honestly look into their eyes.

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