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Here is some thoughts with informations

Updated: Sep 15, 2019


I have decided to try being fully relaxed and honest in my blog posts. So here is what I want to share with you today.

There is one week left for my first performance out of three. I am getting ready and excited because once it starts I want to give my all to it. The idea of A Part of Us, is coming from a question I have asked to myself. After asking this question to myself and feeling releaved and more observed on this topic, I started to seek for other's perspective. That leaded me to create this ceremony as an indication to our unity.

Since the ceremony got more precise, I performed with three different people. All of them, answered on their own unique way. They made me realised different things, so this is why I am excited to meet with people from different cultures and mindsets to be inspired by different individualities

The significant part in this performance, is the search to find a strong connection in the varity. By gathering all different individual perspective, I want to celebrate our existence.

Whatever the outcome is, the main action is to collect them. One person will carry it and will take responsible of it, while being the indicator and the collector of everyone's answer.

I mostly will share my thoughts and experiences of the dialogues I have with the participators. After the openning the performance will continue three more days. I am open and willing for talking sessions in the end of the performance, please feel welcome.

The openning is at 25th July, Thursday at 19:00

At 26th, Friday 10.30-12.30

At 27th, Saturday 14.00-16.00 and 19.00-21.00

At 31th, Wednesday 17.00-20.00

Other than these days, you can join later on or in other than hours above, by contacting me beforehand through;


instagram; and


1st August, Thursday

Next performance, Halva with Love.

Have a wonderful week.

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