Reflect Out

Bezalel Academy, 2019

Proposal of Performance

"Creating a circle is something coming from our instincts, very intimate and natural. The power of creating a circle is easy and natural to find in every day life. When the direction of the people’s face is to the center, it becomes communication; an automatic session, synergy and being in the moment with a group even though no one knows each other enough to be together. Being in the situation together becomes very powerful, that people interrogates less, as an instinctual habit. When facing outside in a circle, becomes having a vulnerable situation and creating distinction that blocks the communication, while having this tiny bit of consciousness of each of the people in the circle.

So I want to show by the performers, the difference of these two possible circles and want to make a choreography that underlines these differences. I have seen and observed in group of peoples that sits as a circle and speaks about any topic, they are reflected by each of them, when in class we sit and share our thoughts about anything in the class, our behavior, our voice, our thoughts and words are reflecting to each other. Also, every circle we create is different, our energy and daily mood is so much effects the others and the group. Every light is the symbol of the reflection we naturally create by existing through each other.


Another perspective of this light situation is the individuality, the owner of light source. It is the idea of singularity and it’s perspective. There is a strict line between observing others and being yourself. The performers will become the observant by participating and create a different reflection by moving and by existing while not seeing its ownself."

january, 2019