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Reflect Out, 2019
Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem ISRAEL

Proposal of Performance

"Creating a circle is something coming from our instincts, very intimate and natural/daily. When the direction of the people’s face is to the center, it becomes communication; an automatic session of synergy. Even when in groups which no one knows each other is enough to be a circle. Being in the same situation creates a equal communion, in which people interrogates less. When facing outside of the circle, it becomes having a vulnerable situation and creating distinction that blocks the communication, while again sharing the same equal situation creates this tiny bit of consciousness of other people in the circle.

So I investigated personal energy reflecting on the circle, created the idea of reflection and the possibilities of it. It is a physical documentation of the experiences of four volunteer performers. I have been inspired from the Performative Research calss's discussion sessions. A group of people that sits as a circle and speaks about personal thoughts our behavior, our voice, our ideas and words were reflecting to each other. It is possible to observe any kind of circle we create, in different setups, our energy, our daily mood effect the others and the group's collective existence. This four lights is a symbolisation of the reflection we naturally create by existing through each other.


Another perspective we have encountered while experimenting was the light signified the individuality of the perfomer, the owner of light source created the singularity and it’s perspective. There is a strict line between observing others and being yourself and in the end we can see shadows and colors. The performers became both the reflector and the one getting reflected while the space was demonstrating us the consequences of their movement."

January, 2019

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